Special episode “Reconsidering the baseline for web development in 2022”

  • Davalos Alan
  • Tzu-Lin Huang
2022/02/10 に公開460 views


Tzu-Lin Huang talked with @AlanGDavalos, who’s the author of “The baseline for web development in 2022” article that went viral around the Front-end community worldwide.

What is UIT Inside?

We do this weekly podcast in Japanese to cover all sorts of information related to Front-end Development. This is a special episode in English. Please listen and enjoy!

Show notes

  • Introducing today’s hosts
  • A summary of the article
  • Why did you write this?
  • About the reaction to the article
    • How it went viral
    • Some questions asked in social media
      • Is the performance for React/Angular really so bad? Isn’t there a bias there due to the scale of the apps and the popularity of the libraries?
      • “I’m from a third world country and I still see people around with iPhone 5 or 7 here. 4G plans also have started rolling out but not many devices can actually connect to 4G networks.”
      • Where’s the comparison to “X framework”?
      • Why doesn’t any framework score 1.0 in the startup column?
  • When should this baseline be updated again?

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